Hello. We are Dinnr.

Let’s start a new chapter in the book of urban eating. September 2012 sees the launch of Dinnr, a service that delivers measured ingredients for people to cook delicious meals at home. We bring cooking back into your lives.
With Dinnr, you select a recipe on our website dinnr.co.uk. You choose the delivery location (We deliver in most of central London). We deliver the ingredients and an easy-to-follow instruction sheet and you can start cooking. We give you a wine and music recommendation and then, nothing stands between you and an amazing home-cooked dinner with a friend or your loved one.
As a company, we have a bunch of values that are important to us:

Dinnr is natural. We dislike additives and whenever we can, we buy organic. We don’t sell any ingredient that our grandma (or a japanese / indonesian / italian grandma) wouldn’t have in her pantry. Call us old-fashioned but if people used to be able to cook without acidity regulators and glazing agents for 10,000 years, so can we.

Dinnr is indulgent. Yes, we freely admit it - we have cream, butter and cheese in some of our recipes. We want our food to be delicious, period. And we think that enjoying your food contributes to a holistic kind of well being. Happy people live longer (we currently don’t have the figures to back up this claim, but we’re sure they exist). And we want our customers to be happy. Happy and well-fed. You know best when to stop eating. 
And our portions are big. We are a hungry bunch and like to dig in after a long working day. And we have fallen victim to the packaging information on supermarket ready meals that says “serves 2”. And eaten it all up ourselves, all the while our girlfriend had to stay hungry. Ok, maybe not - but the point is, those food vendors all give too small portions. We don’t. And if, with Dinnr, you end up having leftovers, tomorrow is another day.

Dinnr is efficient. And fun. There’s no contradiction. We are regularly testing our recipes and see if we can make them more time-efficient. We know that our customers are busy people, so we want to make the cooking process as seamless as we can.
But also, we don’t think that efficiency stands in the way of enjoyment. There’s a great degree of satisfaction to be derived from creating a great dish where you fuse with your entire kitchen into one smoothly humming well-oiled machine.
And we’re efficient in the way we deliver - we deliver to your work place because that means that you can start cooking immediately when you get home and don’t have to wait around for us to arrive.

Dinnr is quality. Our brand stands for relentless focus on quality. With Dinnr, you will never receive a crumpled carrot, a wrinkly potato or warm raw meat. It’s just out of the question. The eye of our quality control staff is watching, like the gaze of Mordor, every piece of food that goes into a bag. Our processes are tested and proven so that, even with high volumes, we ensure that only the freshest ingredients leave our premises. Our delivery windows are short and the ice packs in every bag are frozen stiff like Kamchatka in winter.

Dinnr will be your partner in the kitchen. We are growing rapidly and will soon start selling wine, starter kits for exotic cuisines, party packs, brunch bags and many more things. We will link you with the best cooking schools in your city and will provide individualized nutrition advice. Our vision is to be first place our customers turn to in questions of quality nutrition that is fun and easy to prepare.
We hope to welcome you soon to Dinnr and have you try one of our delicious recipes!
Your Dinnr team.
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