Friday, January 3, 2014

Do you have friends with babies?

Dinnr makes cooking simple. Select a delicious-looking meal online and have the measured ingredients and recipe delivered so you can whip up an amazing meal at home. By using Dinnr, you don't have to spend mental energy and time figuring out what to cook, nor do you have to spend time supermarket shopping. Our easy-to-use instructions make it a breeze to learn how to make amazing dishes - quickly.

Do you know anyone who's recently become a parent? Dinnr is a great way to treat your stay-at-home partner. We'll give you £10 Dinnr credit for anyone who registers and purchases with us through your referral. Simply forward them this blog post and get them to pop your name in the comments box at checkout when they order. We will then send you a £10 voucher for your next order and your friend will receive a copy of Michael Pollan's 'Food Rules' book as a little thank-you. 

Here's a comment box example:
And Michael Pollan's book. He's one of our favourite foodies.

Happy New Year! 
Your Dinnr Team

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Who uses Dinnr recipe kits?

Who uses Dinnr recipe kits?

Cooking a quality meal at home from scratch takes too much time and effort in planning and executing. The convenience of eating out or using take-away options is appealing when most of us work an average of 48 hours per week, but it's expensive and often unhealthy. At the same time, there's little product choice in local grocery stores which means that many of us re-produce the same unimaginative go-to dishes from week to week. 

Dinnr is an alternative, making it simple to select a delicious-looking meal online and have the measured ingredients and recipe delivered so you can whip up an amazing meal at home. By using Dinnr, you don't have to spend mental energy and time figuring out what recipes to cook, you don't have to spend time searching through supermarkets looking for the right ingredients and there are no leftovers. At the same time, our easy-to-use instructions make it a breeze to learn how to make amazing dishes - quickly.
Dinnr delivers recipe ingredient kits without requiring a subscription or any other commitment. We've recently launched a new website and are constantly refining our recipes and processes. We offer an ultra-flexible service with 18 delivery slots per week (3 per day, 6 days a week) which can be delivered to you at home or work and every week we provide a new set of recipes. Each day, 6 dishes (that change on a weekly basis and constitute a common theme, e.g. a certain local cuisine, cook like a famous chef, etc.) are available for same-day delivery and our 'Dinnr Favourites' recipes are available on a next-day basis in London (add 1 day for deliveries outside London). 
So go on, give it a try.
Happy Cooking, 
Your Dinnr Team

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

10 Minute Quickies in the Kitchen

In the run-up to Christmas, time is starting to become more and more precious. That's why this week we're doing all the hard work for you to reduce any unnecessary stress. '10 minute Quickies in the Kitchen' is about minimising the time spent prepping food for dinner, so you can focus on ticking off your rather large to-do list instead.

As a treat, and a new feature at Dinnr, we've reduced the work time of our dishes down to just 10 minutes, doing all of the dicing, slicing, crushing, grating and chopping that we can for you. So go on, prepare a quickie with 10 minutes working time, and sigh with relief.

Happy Cooking, 

Your Dinnr Team

Monday, November 25, 2013

Cook Heston Blumenthal Style

Heston Blumenthal is celebrated the world over as one of the most innovative chefs – his Fat Duck restaurant in the Hobbit Shire-named English village of Bree is constantly ranked among the world’s best and is booked out months in advance. HB is particularly focused on the full sensory experience – he wafts smells in the restaurant, plays matching audio soundtracks and dresses up dishes to look like a beach.

Now, we can’t claim to come even close to that if we place the constraints of weekday cooking. The average Heston dish takes hours and days in advance to prepare. But, with the help of his book “Heston Blumenthal at home”, we have managed to pick out a few delicious recipes, simplify them here and there, and serve you up a range of tasty options that give you an idea of how intricate, flavourful and inventive the Blumenthal cuisine is.

For a real culinary challenge, pick the sushi dishes. For rich and filling, pick the lamb. And for quick, easy and healthy, go for the fish.

Above all, enjoy the ride!

(There is no association between Heston Blumenthal and Dinnr. We're just fans)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cook like a Cambodian!

This week Dinnr travels to South East Asia to give you a taste of the Khmer, an unassuming culinary giant. While strolling through its dramatic landscape, you uncover a treasure trove of wondrous palatable delights. Perfectly placed between Thailand and Vietnam, the Khmer cuisine is simply unforgettable. Creative dishes with a delicious mix of strong flavours - we love them so much we’re putting Cambodia centre stage for a whole week. 6 brand new recipes to chose from.

The dishes are quite easy to cook and we have sourced a vastly superior lemongrass from a specialist shop in South West London, not the wooden stuff from supermarkets! Get your chopsticks at the ready and give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Happy Cooking,

Your Dinnr Team

Monday, November 11, 2013

Bon Appétit! Dinnr brings you a taste of France!

This week, Dinnr is crossing The Channel to give you a delicious taste of France. Famous for it's variety of fabulous foods and wines, it's no secret France gives you the World's best culinary experience.

We have 6 brand new recipes to chose from, using original French ingredients. Create gloire sur l'assiete. A la table tout le monde!

Everything you're used to at Dinnr is the same - order before 6pm for same-day delivery in Central London, and before 10am for next-day delivery across the UK. 

So go ahead, dig out your beret and your breton t-shirt, and give your best shot at impersonating Raymond Blanc!

Bon Appétit from

Your Dinnr Team.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nothing influences your health more than food

This question may be the most important question in nutrition. The reason is pure and simple; there is no greater influence on your health than the food you eat. Food is the most powerful drug on Earth. You eat it several times a day, every day of your life. The body uses the compounds in food as the fuel for life.

The influence of nutrients and foods on each Metabolic Type is what makes nutrition so confusing. Without Metabolic Typing it’s a matter of a roll of the dice. This is the reason that “one man’s food is another man’s poison” because what can heal one person can worsen the same condition in another person.
A balanced plate: is half full of vegetables, one quarter of starch and one quarter of lean protein. Add a side of low fat dairy and a small portion of fruit to end the meal.

 Protein: Some people are fast oxidisers and tend to burn carbs too quickly. A high carb diet only worsens the problem but increased amounts of healthy fats and proteins can help balance the chemistry and energy
• Carb: Slow oxidisers are overly reliant on fat metabolism and do better on a higher carb intake with less proteins and healthy fats in their diet.
• Mixed: You can be a combination of both and be able to eat the same foods as the Protein and Carb Types. The best of both worlds. Both kinds of foods and the proportions of the proteins, fats and carbs are very different for each Metabolic Type. They require different ‘fuels’ and different ‘fuel mixes’ in order to convert their nutrients into energy. This allows you to maximise your energy, develop peak performance, control your appetite and be as trim as you can be.