Friday, January 3, 2014

Do you have friends with babies?

Dinnr makes cooking simple. Select a delicious-looking meal online and have the measured ingredients and recipe delivered so you can whip up an amazing meal at home. By using Dinnr, you don't have to spend mental energy and time figuring out what to cook, nor do you have to spend time supermarket shopping. Our easy-to-use instructions make it a breeze to learn how to make amazing dishes - quickly.

Do you know anyone who's recently become a parent? Dinnr is a great way to treat your stay-at-home partner. We'll give you £10 Dinnr credit for anyone who registers and purchases with us through your referral. Simply forward them this blog post and get them to pop your name in the comments box at checkout when they order. We will then send you a £10 voucher for your next order and your friend will receive a copy of Michael Pollan's 'Food Rules' book as a little thank-you. 

Here's a comment box example:
And Michael Pollan's book. He's one of our favourite foodies.

Happy New Year! 
Your Dinnr Team

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