Friday, March 22, 2013

Dinnr is raising investment on Seedrs

Be part of Dinnr’s successful future 

  • Dinnr is raising £60,000 on crowd-funding platform Seedrs
  • You can invest as little as £10 and as much as £51,000
  • Dinnr is SEIS eligible - which allows you to use 50% of the invested sum as tax benefit

Hello there, friends of Dinnr! 
We are proud to be featured on crowd-funding platform Seedrs which allows anyone to make investments into startups.

I would like to invite you to become part of Dinnr's journey and help us make our company a phenomenal success.

What is Seedrs?

Seedrs is an FSA-authorised crowd-funding platform (you can find their full scope of permissions on the FSA register.)

Crowd-funding means that anyone can invest in startups. In Seedrs' case, this starts with amounts as low as £10. Seedrs takes care of all the paperwork and acts as your nominee towards the invested startup.

As opposed to some other crowd-funding platforms, an investment through Seedrs gives you equity in Dinnr - you will become a shareholder and thus participate in our success.

How does this work?

  1. You sign up as an investor on Seedrs. This is a 3-5 minute process. Seedrs needs to take you through a few questions for legal reasons and verify that you understand the inherent risk that investing in startups represents. There is no commitment from you at this point.
  2. You review the Dinnr profile on Seedrs and learn about what we've accomplished so far and what we plan to use the raised money for. Most likely, you will have further questions. In that case, please ask them in the Seedrs Dinnr profile Q&A section or contact us at or call the Dinnr phone 020 7193 4528.
  3. If you decide to invest, you transfer a sum of your liking to Seedrs.  
  4. Only if the full investment target of £60,000 is reached, Seedrs releases the funds to Dinnr (after 2-3 weeks of paperwork). If the target is not reached, you receive your money back.
  5. Seedrs holds the shares as a nominee and takes care of all the paperwork surrounding the investment.
  6. You can be an active investor and take interest in what we do or just lean back and let your investment grow.

How does SEIS work?

SEIS is a pretty incredible tax incentive scheme for UK tax payers to foster investment in early-stage startups. You can read more about it on the HMRC website.

Here are the key benefits if you invest £1,000 into an SEIS qualified startup such as Dinnr Ltd.

  • 50% of the investment (£500) can be deducted from your individual income tax return;
  • Capital gains realised during the year can be re-invested into eligible startups without paying Capital Gains Tax;
  • If you sell the SEIS shares at a profit, you won’t pay any Capital Gains Tax; and
  • If you sell the SEIS shares at a loss, you may be eligible for loss relief of up to an additional 22.5% (£225)

This actually means that the worst-case scenario is a loss of £275 if you invest £1,000*.
And the best-case scenario is a multiplication of your investment.

You can find more info about what Dinnr has achieved so far and where the journey is going on our Seedrs profile. Any further questions we can answer on
Thank you for considering an investment in Dinnr - I look forward to hearing from you.
And if you feel like it, invest in us - and become part of the journey!

Michal Bohanes

Dinnr Co-Founder and CEO

PS. One word of caution: Investing in startups is inherently risky and it is possible that the value of your investment will diminish. Seedrs explains these risks here.

* various conditions apply. Please read up about SEIS here

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