Monday, April 1, 2013

Dinnr Launches Home-Surgery Kits!

After successfully teaching people how to cook at home instead of going to restaurants, Dinnr is proud to announce the launch of its new product line "Operatr" - self-surgery kits at home.

"We found that people really do enjoy insourcing many of the tasks they used to have done by professionals", says Michal Bohanes, Dinnr CEO. "There clearly is the need among our customers to show to so-called experts that they don't need their over-priced services."

Emulating the model of recipes and cooking, Dinnr starts with 3 basic surgeries:
1) Separation of joint toes (aka "Duck's foot" syndrome)
2) Lasik Eye Surgery 
3) Penis enlargement

Clear and detailed instructions guide customers through the home-surgery

Along with a very clear and intuitive instruction sheet that guides them step by step through the procedure, customers can choose whether they want to anesthetize locally or have a loved one push the syringe top. 

All medication as well as anesthetics comes just in the right dosage so that nothing can go wrong.  

The Operatr toolkit for Duck's Foot syndrome

After market validation of the first three common surgeries, Dinnr plans to expand to more complex procedures such as lung transplant and brain surgery. "It sounds a bit challenging at first, but once a loved one has got the hang of understanding the different bits of the brain and has practiced cutting on our realistic rubber model that comes with the order, it'll be easy" says Dr. Bindair Dondat who advises Dinnr on Operatr. 

"No more long waiting lists at the NHS. No more paying through your nose for cosmetic surgery! We shift the healthcare power back to the consumer where it belongs", says the proud CEO. 

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Happy April Fool's Day from your Dinnr team!

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