Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nothing influences your health more than food

This question may be the most important question in nutrition. The reason is pure and simple; there is no greater influence on your health than the food you eat. Food is the most powerful drug on Earth. You eat it several times a day, every day of your life. The body uses the compounds in food as the fuel for life.

The influence of nutrients and foods on each Metabolic Type is what makes nutrition so confusing. Without Metabolic Typing it’s a matter of a roll of the dice. This is the reason that “one man’s food is another man’s poison” because what can heal one person can worsen the same condition in another person.
A balanced plate: is half full of vegetables, one quarter of starch and one quarter of lean protein. Add a side of low fat dairy and a small portion of fruit to end the meal.

 Protein: Some people are fast oxidisers and tend to burn carbs too quickly. A high carb diet only worsens the problem but increased amounts of healthy fats and proteins can help balance the chemistry and energy
• Carb: Slow oxidisers are overly reliant on fat metabolism and do better on a higher carb intake with less proteins and healthy fats in their diet.
• Mixed: You can be a combination of both and be able to eat the same foods as the Protein and Carb Types. The best of both worlds. Both kinds of foods and the proportions of the proteins, fats and carbs are very different for each Metabolic Type. They require different ‘fuels’ and different ‘fuel mixes’ in order to convert their nutrients into energy. This allows you to maximise your energy, develop peak performance, control your appetite and be as trim as you can be.

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